Specialist Fzt. İsmail Gonen

He graduated from Başkent University, Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation as an honor student. In the last year of his undergraduate life, he gained experience with volunteer work in the field of orthopedic rehabilitation and athlete health. Following his undergraduate graduation, he worked as a physiotherapist in the U16 Men’s National Handball Team within the scope of the Turkish Handball Federation. After his national team duty, he worked as a physiotherapist at private Mia Medical Center. In 2020, he started his master’s degree in Hacettepe University, Institute of Health Sciences, Sports Physiotherapist program. He conducted a thesis on the effectiveness of foam roller application in delayed muscle pain under the supervision of Assoc. Dr. Gülcan Harput and became an expert in 2023.

To improve his academic and clinical practices, he received training on manual therapy, kinesiology taping, mobilization techniques, exercise selection, superficial electromyography and myofascial release techniques.

İsmail Gönen continues his work in the fields of athlete health, orthopedic rehabilitation, preventive physiotherapy and manual therapy within PTrust Academy.