Assoc.Prof. Gülcan Harput

“Putting Trust In Your Motion”

Assoc.Prof. Gülcan Harput

“Putting Trust In Your Motion”


Trust our “Expert Therapists”

We have a staff of expert physiotherapists who adopt current and evidence-based practices in the field of physiotherapy, have improved themselves in the field, and transfer their experience to their clients.


Trust our “Personalized Physiotherapy”

We apply a physiotherapy program according to the needs of our clients. Our clients are first evaluated. Their programs are determined according to the evaluation results.


Trust our “Online Physio Services”

We offer online consultancy services to help our clients who cannot meet face to face. If you are not living in Ankara, or simply struggling for time, an online physio consultation in your own home or work location will help.

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About PTrust

We adopt reliable physiotherapy practices.

As PTrust Academy, we first share proven practices for our clients' problems with them and draw up a solution-oriented physiotherapy program. Our priority is to make you feel that you are in the right hands in an atmosphere of trust.

  • Physiotherapy includes exercise, manual therapy, taping, pain education and management.
  • Importance is given to raising our clients’ awareness so that they do not experience the same problem again.
  • Ptrust also provides exercise training consultancy to improve your health.
About Us
Why Choose Us?

PTrust Difference

Injury Preventive Training

Our priority is preventive approaches. We offer preventive training programs against musculoskeletal system injuries to office workers, athletes, and individuals doing recreational sports. We attach great importance to protecting our children from sports injuries, especially those who just starting out sports.

Trustworthy Physiotherapy

In this center, no useless or unproven practice is recommended or performed. As it can be understood from our brand, our mission is trustworthy physiotherapy.

Comfortable Center Atmosphere

Our physiotherapy center is inside in a newly built business center, and designed as a spacious, warm, home-like environment equipped with cutting edge devices and brand new equipment where our clients know they are special.

Training for Physiotherapists

PTrust Academy also provides face-to-face and online training for physiotherapists. These trainings are field-specific trainings and are planned to improve both the clinical and academic skills of physiotherapists.

Our Therapies

Check Our Therapies

You can get information about our therapies and contact us for detailed information.

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Pain Education

We Teach You To Understand Pain And How To Deal With It.

Pain often guides us. Its presence does not always indicate a bad situation. Interpreting pain correctly is the first important step in dealing with it.

01 Pain Management

02 Relaxation

03 Massage

04 Taping

05 Exercise

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    Our Professional Team

    M. K.

    “I met Ms. Gülcan while searching for a physiotherapist in Ankara. I had bad posture and pain. The processes have started and I feel very good now. Thank you for everything."

    M. Y.

    “I am a professional athlete. I suffered an anterior cruciate ligament injury during sports. I worked with my teacher Gülcan for post-surgery physiotherapy. My knee is fine now and I continue to do the sport I love.”


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